Eclectic, vibrant, unique, playful, nomadic, stylish – these are what we channel over here at KeziKoko studios, developing spirited prints with longevity.

Each print collection draws on the cornerstones of illustration, drawing and collage to explore narrative through elements of line, texture, composition and colour. Prints can be matched to stand right up on their own or happily compliment one another – mix it up with KeziKoko!


The Templeton collection originates from hand drawn and collaged illustrations inspired by the famous Templeton building that spectacularly stands at the east end of Glasgow, the Scottish city where designer Kezia lives. The former carpet factory boasts a flamboyant exterior, beautiful geometric tile detailing and bright terracotta brickwork.  Along with this, Kezia captures the essence of the medieval Doge’s Palace in Venice, on which the Templeton’s architecture is based and the richly coloured Oriental-influenced carpet patterns the factory produced.


Designer Kezia weaves her love of Central American textiles together with inspiration from her travels in Honduras to create a collection of heavily patterned, lively and colourful prints. With her sister as host, she visited the ornate cathedrals in Comayagua and San Pedro Sula and the iconic temples and altars at the archaeological Mayan site in Copan. These together with the rural village streets of her sister’s home in Cofradia and the colourful buildings in Santa Rosa influence the vibrant Maya collection.

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